Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Knot Bow Tutorial

Knot Bow Tutorial
After browsing Instagram and Pinterest and seeing all these adorable Knot Bows I knew I had no choice but to make some for my girls, but after searching everywhere I could not find a good tutorial or pattern to use so of course I took a leap of faith and made my own. Lets make some Knot Bows!!

Supplies Needed:
Sewing Machine or Needle and thread
Fabric ( This project is a great stash buster, so use up all those fabric scraps you have sitting around.)
Pins, Clips, or Pattern Weights
Fabric Marker/ Chalk
Printed Pattern Piece

 Once you have your pattern piece cut out (No taping Involved), get out your fabrics or dig out those scraps. I used my fabric scraps for my Knot Bows and they were pretty wrinkly, if your were anything like mine I would highly recommend pressing those really well before continuing. Okay, so once your fabrics are picked out and pressed, place your pattern piece on the fabric, now depending on how large your scraps are you can either fold the fabric to make the process faster or you can just cut out multiple pieces. Just make sure for each Knot Bow you have two (2) pieces cut.

Once you have your Knot Bow pieces cut out, place the 2 pieces of fabric you have cut right sides together. You may pin now, but for this since I’ve used woven cottons I didn’t find it necessary, just be sure to leave an opening when you sew them together.

As you can see in the picture my fabrics are Right Sides Together (RST). Now take these to your sewing machine and sew away, being sure to leave a 1-2” gap for turning. Your gap should be in the middle of one of the long edges.

As you can see here, I have trimmed my threads and found my opening. I didn’t get a picture of this step but carefully clip little slits along the curved ends of the Bow so once its turned right side out it lays nicely.

Once you have turned your Bow right side out, press it with your hot iron. Now, you can attach your bow to a pony tail elastic or you can attach to FOE or a headband. I chose to use FOE, I cut it to the size I needed ( There’s tons of headband sizing charts on Google if your unsure, but if you have a kid handy you can just measure their head.) Once I cut my FOE, I sewed the ends together making a nice stretchy headband.  Now you may have noticed that we haven’t sewn the opening closed, if you prefer you can top stitch around the whole thing closing it up, but if you managed to leave the opening in the center it will be covered once we tie it into a knot.

And your Knot Bow is DONE!

* This Pattern is my sole property, and is for personal use only.