Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Coffee Cozy Tutorial and Pattern

Im back again, with yet another tutorial! This time i'm participating in Deanna McCools 12 Days of Christmas Challenge! 

Today on here we will be making a Coffee Cozy! I love coffee, well I should say I live off of Coffee most days as I can never seem to get everything I need to do done! Anyways, these little cuties are great for stash busting and make cute gifts! I'll be throwing these in our families stocking for a quick gift from the heart! 

Lets get started!!!

Materials Needed:
Sewing Machine
Pattern Piece: You can download that HERE
Other Basic Sewing Notions
Batting or fusible fleece
Skinny Elastic

Print and cut out your pattern piece. Pick your fabric(s) and Cut two (2) Mirror Image of the pattern and one (1) batting. 

All my pieces cut out. Now I had SO much regular quilt batting stuffed in my closet from my fiances grandma so I choose to use some of that so that I could finally get some use out of it, but any kind of batting would work or you could use some fusible fleece.  

Grab your elastic and cut it, I cut mine to 4". Fold that in half and place in on top of your first piece of fabric and batting, then lay your other piece of fabric on top of that right sides together. Pin in place and lets get to sewing! 

Sew all around the Cozy using a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a 1-2" opening so you can turn it right side out. Also I sew over the elastic a few times going back and forth so theres no chance of it coming out. :) Clip your corners and turn right side out. 

Once you have it turned right side out, push your corners out and press really well.

Top stitch all around your Cozy and add a pretty little button and guess what? Your DONE! Easy as pie!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will sew up lots of my Coffee Cozies for every coffee loving friend you have! Also check out all the other tutorials from the blog tour!!
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Simple Stocking Tutorial

Simple Stocking Tutorial:

Our stocking situation is at a critical level, it's already December and I've just started making them! My 4 year old daughter has had the same stocking since birth, but while it will be saved its been through the ringer and she needed a new one! We also welcomed a new addition to the family in June so of course she needs her first stocking!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some beautiful, swoon worthy Christmas Fabrics for Michael Miller Fabrics and just knew that I had to get these stocking whipped up!

Lets Get Started!!!

Material list:

Sewing Machine
Fabrics ( For my stocking I needed a half yard or fabric for the outside and a half yard for the lining. Your fabric requirements may vary depending on the length and width of your stocking.)
Grosgrain Ribbon

I decided to use the old stocking I had as a base for my stocking, I laid the stocking out on some taped together paper and drew around my stocking, adding in a seam allowance and my own slight modifications. Your possibilities are endless with the style of stocking you want to make!

You can see here that I added a tad bit of width around the "Toe" and made the curve in the middle a bit deeper. DONT FORGET TO ADD IN YOUR SEAM ALLOWANCE! I might have forgot on my first try!

The next step is to cut out your fabrics using the pattern you made! You will need to cut out 2 mirror images of your main fabric and your lining fabric. That will leave you 4 Pieces all together.

You will have 2 Mirror Images of your main fabric and 2 of your lining fabric.

Now place your main fabrics right sides together (RST) and sew from the top of one corner all the way around to the other corner, leaving the top open. Clip your corners, turn Right Side Out, and Iron. * I prefer to use my pinking shears on this step, I personally feel it gives a better result than just clipping the corners.*

Repeat the steps above with your lining fabrics and set aside.

My lining fabric after sewing, clipping corners, flipping and pressing.

Now its time to make our cuffs, you can go about this in many different ways but heres the way I did mine. You will need to measure the top opening of your fabric and cut your cuff pieces out with that measurement plus adding in your seam allowance. I cut my cuff pieces 8 width by 10 length. You will need to cut 2 of each of your cuff pieces, one for the front and one for the back. 

I made my cuffs so that I could Fold them over Wrong Sides Together, leaving the raw edges on the top and the fold on the bottom so I didn't have to hem the cuffs. So after folding my cuffs were 5" High, this left ample room for me to add some cute little monograms for my kiddos with my new toy!  

Here are my cuffs. I am making 2 stockings one for each of my little girls. 

 Now you can place your two cuff pieces RST and stitch the sides (short ends) together.

I sewed mine together with my serger, cutting off the extra seam allowance I had but a regular sewing machine will do the job just fine!

Turn your cuff piece right side out and press. Now slide your cuff piece onto your stocking the wrong side of your cuff will be facing the right side of your stocking and the raw edges of the stocking and cuff will be at the top.  Now with your lining fabric wrong side out slide your stocking and cuff into the lining, all 3 of your raw edges will be at the top.

My lining, Main fabric and Cuff all together. The front of my main stocking and cuff are facing the front of the lining fabric.

Now take a piece of Grosgrain, I cut mine to 5" and fold in half. You will be placing your ribbon on the seam of your cuff, you should put the ribbon on the opposite side of the "toe". Your ribbon should right on top of the cuff, and will be sandwiched into that and the lining. 

Were almost done!! Sew all around your cuff leaving a 2-3" gap so you can turn your stocking right sides together.

 Turn right sides out, and press really well. ironing the opening closed. Now Top Stitch around the whole opening and admire your work!!

 Both of my stockings are done and ready to be hung by the tree!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Henry Glass Fabrics- Desire to Inspire

A few months ago I had the extreme honor of being selected to be apart of Henry Glass Fabrics -Desire To Inspire Challenge- over on their blog! I received a wonderful collection of fabrics to complete my project and it was so incredibly fun!!

Trying to get both kids to cooperate was another challenge in itself!
You can see more pictures of my projects and read my Q&A HERE!

- Amy

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blog Tour: The Emerson Dress

I am SEW excited to be taking part in my first ever Blog Tour, and I'm honored that I can share this first experience with a wonderful upcoming designer Ginger House Designs!  

The Emerson Dress, available in sizes 12M-8, is Darcy's first pattern and it was a wonderful sew! I love anything that has a vintage feel and this dress just matched my style so much! Although, the "Boss" wouldn't let me make her dress in the fabrics I picked out so we had to come up with a compromise. 

These past couple of weeks have been a real doozy for me, between a very sick baby, a sick 4 year old and I cant leave out the sick man of the house I didn't get the chance to have the photo shoot I had planned, but here's a sneaky peek of my Emerson Dress and some more details on this great new pattern! 

Aren't these details so adorable! I cant wait to get my Vintage inspired Emerson complete! I made the shirt version, but it also has the option for a dress length as well as optional flutter sleeve and you can leave off the bodice ruffles, add piping or other embellishment or leave plain! So many options for this sweet dress. The dress has a skirt placket on the back and closes with buttons! 

You can check out this pattern on Etsy here and be sure to "like" Ginger House Designs on FaceBook.

Don't forget to check out the other stops on the Blog Tour, the dates and blogs are pictured below!

** The opinions stated above are my own, I did not get paid to be apart of this blog tour. I did however receive the pattern free so I could sew it up and review. ** 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Hair Prettie Giveaway Winners!!

If you were one of the lucky winners of one of these Hair Pretties, please contact me via Facebook Message, and include your address for shipping. All winners will have 48 hours to contact me or a new winner will be drawn.
Congrats to those who won, and thank you so much for participating.
Winner is: Marion Millan
Winner is: Bertha Maza Cruz
Winner is: Kelly Kay
Winner is: Traci Morris Silloway
Winner is: Kimberly Riddle
Winner is: Deborah Martin
Winner is: Sandra Lewis
Winner is: Pauline Wood Waltemire
Winner of the Peep Headband is: Rachelle Jessop
Winner of the Crocheted Flower Clip is: Joy Matthews


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Knot Bow Tutorial

Knot Bow Tutorial
After browsing Instagram and Pinterest and seeing all these adorable Knot Bows I knew I had no choice but to make some for my girls, but after searching everywhere I could not find a good tutorial or pattern to use so of course I took a leap of faith and made my own. Lets make some Knot Bows!!

Supplies Needed:
Sewing Machine or Needle and thread
Fabric ( This project is a great stash buster, so use up all those fabric scraps you have sitting around.)
Pins, Clips, or Pattern Weights
Fabric Marker/ Chalk
Printed Pattern Piece

 Once you have your pattern piece cut out (No taping Involved), get out your fabrics or dig out those scraps. I used my fabric scraps for my Knot Bows and they were pretty wrinkly, if your were anything like mine I would highly recommend pressing those really well before continuing. Okay, so once your fabrics are picked out and pressed, place your pattern piece on the fabric, now depending on how large your scraps are you can either fold the fabric to make the process faster or you can just cut out multiple pieces. Just make sure for each Knot Bow you have two (2) pieces cut.

Once you have your Knot Bow pieces cut out, place the 2 pieces of fabric you have cut right sides together. You may pin now, but for this since I’ve used woven cottons I didn’t find it necessary, just be sure to leave an opening when you sew them together.

As you can see in the picture my fabrics are Right Sides Together (RST). Now take these to your sewing machine and sew away, being sure to leave a 1-2” gap for turning. Your gap should be in the middle of one of the long edges.

As you can see here, I have trimmed my threads and found my opening. I didn’t get a picture of this step but carefully clip little slits along the curved ends of the Bow so once its turned right side out it lays nicely.

Once you have turned your Bow right side out, press it with your hot iron. Now, you can attach your bow to a pony tail elastic or you can attach to FOE or a headband. I chose to use FOE, I cut it to the size I needed ( There’s tons of headband sizing charts on Google if your unsure, but if you have a kid handy you can just measure their head.) Once I cut my FOE, I sewed the ends together making a nice stretchy headband.  Now you may have noticed that we haven’t sewn the opening closed, if you prefer you can top stitch around the whole thing closing it up, but if you managed to leave the opening in the center it will be covered once we tie it into a knot.

And your Knot Bow is DONE!

* This Pattern is my sole property, and is for personal use only. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Is In The Air!!

I don't usually make Isabella clothes for every holiday, but this year she started Head Start so I just love having the excuse to sew her up some pretty new outfits to wear for her holiday parties. I am however always on a budget, so I wanted to use a PDF Pattern that I already had, even though my Etsy Cart is full of patterns that I need want to buy. I also wanted to use a fabric that would be simple, yet pretty for a Valentine Party Dress.

I first decided to pick a beautiful small pink and white polka dot fabric, it is simple, but I can dress it up a tad, it looks cute for the Valentine theme but it can be worn more than once since it didn't have hearts and such all over it. I bought the fabric with no pattern in mind, but I knew I wanted something that had a classic look to it, as well as something that could be layered Isabella can wear it now, and for spring.

You will soon learn from me that I have a slight obsession with Brownie Goose Sewing Patterns. Amy's Patterns are all very classic, slightly vintage, but yet still modern. They are also all full of great commentary, you are sure to get a few chuckles out while reading through the patterns. For this dress I chose to use the Lazy Susan, Susan has so many adorable options, but I made the plain classic dress. Now, don't be fooled by the "plain" term, my Susan is full of classic character!

The Lazy Susan features a fully lined Boat Neck bodice and a beautiful full gathered skirt. Susan is sleeveless but, is perfect for pairing with a coordinating cardigan, tights/leggings and boots for the cooler weather. The option I did for this is dress is put together very quickly, and I had this finished in a afternoon, which you may get it done sooner if you don't have as many distractions as I do.

And now the dress...

Swoon!!! Ah the pearls with this dress just pulls the classic look all together.
I'm all out of words for this beauty.

**If you would like to purchase this PDF Pattern you can do so Here. If you don't sew, but would like to order this dress or one like it please check out my Face Book Page and message me to order.

- Amy


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cinderella's Work Dress

Isabella has a very serious obsession to all the Disney Princesses, one of her most favorite being Cinderella of course. I 've shown you the Cinderella everyday dress up gown that I whipped up using the wonderful pattern from Made For Mermaid's, but I have to show you the Cinderella's Work Dress that I made from slightly modifying The Betsy Dress from yet another one of the amazing PDF Pattern Designers Brownie Goose!

I didn't do a whole lot to the nifty ol' Betsy, I just added in a few details. As you can see I added in some beautiful lace to the sleeves and as per the little ones request made an removable apron. She was actually very happy to wear her "work" dress to help mommy out around the house. Although, her extreme desire to clean was gone quicker than it began.

If you would like to purchase this pattern, head on over to the Brownie Goose Etsy Shop to buy! If you don't sew, but would like this dress for your little girls you can use the contact form here on the blog or send me a message over at my Face Book Page.

** I am NOT an affiliate of his pattern designer. I have included her pattern into my blog for personal preference only, and I do not get any kind of compensation for any patterns you purchase at her shop.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm not sure what College teams you are rooting for this Basketball Season, but here in our house we bleed blue! I was very excited when I scored some UK Fabric from my local Hobby Lobby and I just knew Isabella was going to need a Game Day Dress.

This dress features a Fully Lined Bodice so its very comfy. The Straps tie in a knot through a button-hole, thus making this dress adjustable for every child's needs.
Swoon, I just love a beautiful Knot Dress! Oh have I mentioned that were expecting a new baby? Baby #2 is cooking away and is expected to join in on our Game Day fun sometime towards the end of June. I being the awesome mom that I am, have already started sewing for the new baby! Even though we don't know the sex yet, shh don't tell anyone that Ive been wishing for a baby boy! In all honesty a healthy baby is all I can hope for, but I couldn't help but make baby to be some adorable Knot Hats!

These little Knot hats are just to cute! I have plans for many, many more of these for Baby No Name! ( FYI, I'm not kidding when I say that I'm pretty certain this kid will be born without a name, as we can not decide on a name for anything! Please don't judge, we don't even know the gender, but yet I am still going crazy over names! I'm gonna blame these pregnancy hormones!) Anyways, these little knot hats are so cute, simple and they are so quick to sew! Ah, and I'm so proud of my little "Wildcat" embroidery! If you sew and want this adorable pattern, check out Tie Dye Diva.