Sunday, November 30, 2014

Simple Stocking Tutorial

Simple Stocking Tutorial:

Our stocking situation is at a critical level, it's already December and I've just started making them! My 4 year old daughter has had the same stocking since birth, but while it will be saved its been through the ringer and she needed a new one! We also welcomed a new addition to the family in June so of course she needs her first stocking!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some beautiful, swoon worthy Christmas Fabrics for Michael Miller Fabrics and just knew that I had to get these stocking whipped up!

Lets Get Started!!!

Material list:

Sewing Machine
Fabrics ( For my stocking I needed a half yard or fabric for the outside and a half yard for the lining. Your fabric requirements may vary depending on the length and width of your stocking.)
Grosgrain Ribbon

I decided to use the old stocking I had as a base for my stocking, I laid the stocking out on some taped together paper and drew around my stocking, adding in a seam allowance and my own slight modifications. Your possibilities are endless with the style of stocking you want to make!

You can see here that I added a tad bit of width around the "Toe" and made the curve in the middle a bit deeper. DONT FORGET TO ADD IN YOUR SEAM ALLOWANCE! I might have forgot on my first try!

The next step is to cut out your fabrics using the pattern you made! You will need to cut out 2 mirror images of your main fabric and your lining fabric. That will leave you 4 Pieces all together.

You will have 2 Mirror Images of your main fabric and 2 of your lining fabric.

Now place your main fabrics right sides together (RST) and sew from the top of one corner all the way around to the other corner, leaving the top open. Clip your corners, turn Right Side Out, and Iron. * I prefer to use my pinking shears on this step, I personally feel it gives a better result than just clipping the corners.*

Repeat the steps above with your lining fabrics and set aside.

My lining fabric after sewing, clipping corners, flipping and pressing.

Now its time to make our cuffs, you can go about this in many different ways but heres the way I did mine. You will need to measure the top opening of your fabric and cut your cuff pieces out with that measurement plus adding in your seam allowance. I cut my cuff pieces 8 width by 10 length. You will need to cut 2 of each of your cuff pieces, one for the front and one for the back. 

I made my cuffs so that I could Fold them over Wrong Sides Together, leaving the raw edges on the top and the fold on the bottom so I didn't have to hem the cuffs. So after folding my cuffs were 5" High, this left ample room for me to add some cute little monograms for my kiddos with my new toy!  

Here are my cuffs. I am making 2 stockings one for each of my little girls. 

 Now you can place your two cuff pieces RST and stitch the sides (short ends) together.

I sewed mine together with my serger, cutting off the extra seam allowance I had but a regular sewing machine will do the job just fine!

Turn your cuff piece right side out and press. Now slide your cuff piece onto your stocking the wrong side of your cuff will be facing the right side of your stocking and the raw edges of the stocking and cuff will be at the top.  Now with your lining fabric wrong side out slide your stocking and cuff into the lining, all 3 of your raw edges will be at the top.

My lining, Main fabric and Cuff all together. The front of my main stocking and cuff are facing the front of the lining fabric.

Now take a piece of Grosgrain, I cut mine to 5" and fold in half. You will be placing your ribbon on the seam of your cuff, you should put the ribbon on the opposite side of the "toe". Your ribbon should right on top of the cuff, and will be sandwiched into that and the lining. 

Were almost done!! Sew all around your cuff leaving a 2-3" gap so you can turn your stocking right sides together.

 Turn right sides out, and press really well. ironing the opening closed. Now Top Stitch around the whole opening and admire your work!!

 Both of my stockings are done and ready to be hung by the tree!

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