Saturday, February 21, 2015

CKC- Baby Nova

If you dont already know I live in a pretty small town in Kentucky and there's not many people around, or my age who share the same love I have for sewing and design! I recently found out one of the new designers for CKC not only had some cute designs but lives super close to my neck of the woods!

Morgan Schulten-Tolentino is the designer for Nova and the Baby Nova which is an adorable dress with large flutter sleeves, regular and paneled skirt options and double layer hem ruffles. This dress was a pretty quick sew, taking me only a few hours to complete. This dress has long straps with attached flutter sleeves that tie in the back in two button holes, the pattern also includes directions to add a total of 4 button holes to allow for different ways to tie the dress in the back.

The bodice of this dress has lots of room for trims, embellishments or a monogram. The paneled skirt option has so many cute possibilities, here lately i've been a big fan of the paneled skirt look!

This face right here sums up the babies thoughts on having to model for me, it wasn't easy this little thing thought the dress would make a good snack!

Here you can see how the straps tie in the back. The back also includes a line of elastic above the button holes for a nice fit. 

You can purchase your own copy of the pattern here:

Or if you are looking to buy the actual dress you can send me a message here:

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