Friday, January 3, 2014

EveryDay Princess Dress's

Minne Top or Tunic

My friend Megan, from Made For Mermaids has a thriving sewing business, but recently shifted gears and made the decision to share her sewing patterns with the world. I was very lucky to get to "test" a few of her new patterns, and I didn't hesitate one bit to buy the ones I didn't test.

Her patterns are very well written, full of pictures and great tutorials to get, even the beginner seamstress, a beautiful finished garment. Words cant begin to describe the awesomeness of these patterns, so swoon away at my darling kid modeling a few of the dresses I've made using her patterns.

I still need to make and get photos of my little one in a few more of the Princess Dresses, but I couldn't wait to show the world how happy Bella is with her soft and comfy dress up clothes. Oh did I mention since these are made with 100% cotton so they can be washed?? I'm not sure if anyone has ever tried to wash the store bought dress up gowns, but believe me when I say its not pretty!

If you sew, I highly recommend you go try out some of these patterns, they are amazing! If you don't sew and want your daughter to have her very own Every Day Princess Dress then visit my shop Here, and you can send me a message to order.

Cinderellas Ball Gown

Snow White

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