Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm not sure what College teams you are rooting for this Basketball Season, but here in our house we bleed blue! I was very excited when I scored some UK Fabric from my local Hobby Lobby and I just knew Isabella was going to need a Game Day Dress.

This dress features a Fully Lined Bodice so its very comfy. The Straps tie in a knot through a button-hole, thus making this dress adjustable for every child's needs.
Swoon, I just love a beautiful Knot Dress! Oh have I mentioned that were expecting a new baby? Baby #2 is cooking away and is expected to join in on our Game Day fun sometime towards the end of June. I being the awesome mom that I am, have already started sewing for the new baby! Even though we don't know the sex yet, shh don't tell anyone that Ive been wishing for a baby boy! In all honesty a healthy baby is all I can hope for, but I couldn't help but make baby to be some adorable Knot Hats!

These little Knot hats are just to cute! I have plans for many, many more of these for Baby No Name! ( FYI, I'm not kidding when I say that I'm pretty certain this kid will be born without a name, as we can not decide on a name for anything! Please don't judge, we don't even know the gender, but yet I am still going crazy over names! I'm gonna blame these pregnancy hormones!) Anyways, these little knot hats are so cute, simple and they are so quick to sew! Ah, and I'm so proud of my little "Wildcat" embroidery! If you sew and want this adorable pattern, check out Tie Dye Diva.


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